In college, being president at school with 5 thousand constituents I quickly learned, it can be lonely at the top. And as I am always driven with whatever I do I have always managed to get to the top and constantly I am reminded of how lonely it can be.

Today, I sat there at my office listening to my assistant manager telling me she heard rumors from the break room about the staff talking behind her back. What broke her heart more is that the person that started it is the staff she thought she really liked because this staff was always there offering help and support but looking back my assistant manager is now also realizing this staff also made sure she knew every minor trouble someone did, the town

My assistant manager is hard working and very committed but like everyone else including me makes mistakes but what is so painful about mistakes when you are in management just like in anything else in life is it is costly. My assistant manager is under investigation for a couple of cases both for lack of judgement.

This is one of those things that keep me up at night because I question myself what could I have I done to protect my assistant manager and avoid her from this situation.

On the other side, I feel it is a cruel world out there. For the issues that she is facing I feel we could have fixed it with them coming to me or if they don’t feel like coming to me for whatever reasons surely they can go to the person above me but they choose the corporate route…

It is this reason that I keep telling other managers and those who seek my mentorship, this is the life you choose it comes with a price. You cannot trust anyone. It can be lonely out there…

It also taught me to “mingle with my own level” something I have observed when I was only an assistant manager. I thought back then my new manager was cold and distant and couldn’t fathom why… I just always knew there was a reason and now looking back I know why.

But I will do better than my old manager. 😉

x Lily